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I'm trying to make a program that checks username availability on I'm trying to do this by entering a profile URL letting the code check whether the site gives a 200- or a 404 status code, with 404 being a Taken username and 200 an Available username.

If an username is taken on the website it will give a 200-Status code, while if the username does not yet exist it will give a 404 page.

So first of all here's the code
import pyfiglet
import datetime
import urllib.request

ascii_banner = pyfiglet.figlet_format("Made  By  Gxzs!!")
print("Press ENTER to begin checking")


if (urllib.request.urlopen("").getcode()) == 200:
    print ("TAKEN")
if (urllib.request.urlopen("").getcode()) == 404:
    print ("AVAILABLE!")

I used an available username to test the code:

The output of the code is TAKEN, which means the page gave a 200-Status code according to the code. But if you look up the link of the tested username it gives a 404-Status code as the username is unavailable.

What I have tried:

I have tried checking other links with available usernames, but all gave a 200 status code and had output TAKEN
Updated 6-May-21 13:13pm

1 solution

You're getting a legit page from that URL with a dialog box to register. A valid page means a response code of 200 in HTTP.

404 means "Page not found" in HTTP, the URL didn't return any valid page from the server.
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gxzs. 6-May-21 19:19pm    
I understand that 200 is a valid page and thus for my code should be an unavailable username as the username already exists.

I also understand that 404 is a page that doesn't exist, because I used that for if page gives status code 404 then print available.

The problem is that it always says "TAKEN", meaning it gave a 202 status code. But it should have given a 404 status code as the page does not exist.

For example if you look up (the URL I used in my code to test the code) the page gives a statuscode 404, while the code gives a statuscode 200
Dave Kreskowiak 6-May-21 19:23pm    
That's not your code. That return code is coming from the server! There's nothing you can do to change that.

I tried that URL. It returns a valid page with a 200.

gxzs. 6-May-21 19:52pm    
Oh that explains a lot, thank you. Is there any way to make it print (“AVAILABLE”) if an username exists (like and print (“TAKEN”) if an username is taken (like
Dave Kreskowiak 6-May-21 20:58pm    
How about ask Ubisoft if there's an API you can use.

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