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Can someone help me to fix the error. When sending

Here are the sample codes:

s = requests.Session()
response = s.get("")
csrf_token ='"csrf_token":"(.*?)"', response.text)[1]
s.headers.update({"X-CSRFToken": csrf_token})

What I have tried:

I made these codes now i am stuck
Updated 1-May-21 23:32pm
Richard MacCutchan 2-May-21 4:01am    
"help me to fix the error"
We cannot guess what the error is. Please provide proper details of your problem.

1 solution

What's the real error message? I can guess that it's a Type Error, but one thing is certain: There is no syntax error in that sample you posted. The Type Error what you'll get if that call doesn't find a match. The result on no match is None and you get a TypeError exception when you try to index that with [] brackets.

Also, your regular expression "csrf_token":"(.*?)" is suspect, since a ? (indicating 0 or 1 occurrences of the previous item) is meaningless after an * (meaning 0 or more occurrences). If it does match anything, it will match all of the .text field starting from the first occurrence of ''"csrf_token":"(.*?)"'. That can't be what you want. (If it was, you didn't need a regular expression.)

After you fix your regular expression, you can sensibly avoid the type error with something like:
m ="'"csrf_token":"([^"]*)"', response.text)
if m != None:
    s.headers.update({'X-CSRFToken' :;

That has two more guesses in it: First, that you want the match to include just one ("") quoted field immediately after a "csrf_token": match. That's why I used '[^"]' to match any character EXCEPT a quote, instead of '.'. Then, I guessed that you only wanted the quoted text to be included in your HTTP header. I don't do enough web work to know if that makes sense or not. Someone else might be able to help with that if you posted exactly what you want to accomplish.
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