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I just came over from Stack Overflow after getting question banned, so I have no idea how you guys will like me, but here goes. I have a 16x16 matrix, and I'm trying to move the columns to the right.

What I have tried:

Here's how I have it right now:
m = # 16 x 16 matrix
for i in m:
    i[0], i[1], i[2], ... , i[14], i[15] = i[15], i[0], i[1], ... , i[13], i[14]

This just loops through all the rows and moves everything to the right. But, as you can see, it's really long. Is there a shorter way to do this? preferably without numpy, Thanks!
Updated 8-Feb-21 21:16pm
Gerry Schmitz 8-Feb-21 15:57pm    
Seems you'd be better of with 16 "lists" if you want to move them around ... then maybe convert to an array. I can see where someone could lose patience.

Also, it's irritating when the point could be made with a "smaller" example.
Captian Ahab 8-Feb-21 16:11pm    
Well... it's a list of 16 lists already, or do you mean something else?
Luc Pattyn 8-Feb-21 20:42pm    
Maybe the matrix could be organized as a collection/array of columns, rather than a collection/array of rows?

You might get a more tailored answer if you were to provide more context: what is the overall application about, what libraries or operations are involved, why would you want to move columns around, etc...

Richard MacCutchan 9-Feb-21 4:28am    
Two simple loops should do it, with index values for the row and column. The row index moving forwards from 0 to 15, and the column index backwards from 15 to 0.

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