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Hi All,

Am using Angular 10 along with Web API. We are using SAML authentication process and so we are just feeding the credentials to SAML while logging in and the rest is being taken care by SAML. It means that the session is also being created by SAML.

While logging out, we are calling a url being provided by SAML to end the session:
this.document.location.href = String.Format(environment.EndSessionUrl,this.idToken,this.globalVariables.LogoutUrl);

EndSessionUrl : "{0}&post_logout_redirect_uri={1}

Now, while closing the browser, I cannot be able to clear localStorage and end the session.

What I have tried:

I have to perform three things on browser close:
1) set "false" in database column
2) clear localStorage
3) end the session

Here is what I did:

    onBeforeUnload(): void {
      if (localStorage.getItem("LoggedInUserSubId")!=null)  {

      fetch('http://localhost:60606/api/Auth/updateUserLogInStatus?userSubId=' + localStorage.getItem("LoggedInUserSubId") + '&logInStatus=false', {
        keepalive: true,
        method: 'POST',
        headers: {
          'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
        //body: JSON.stringify(infoIWantToSent),
        .then(response => {
          this.document.location.href = String.Format(environment.EndSessionUrl,this.idToken,this.globalVariables.LogoutUrl);

With this code, I can be able to set "false" in database column.
But, the localStorage still remains and session still remains active and when user try to login again, it doesn't ask for login credentials anymore as the session is active.

Please help with some ideas that might work in this scenario.

-- Thanks
Updated 2-Dec-20 23:28pm

1 solution

You cannot redirect the user to another page in the beforeunload event. If you could, every malicious site on the net would use that tactic to prevent you from leaving their site - as soon as you try to close the browser or tab, or navigate away from the page, the site would open itself again.

You may also have issues making an asynchronous request from the beforeunload event. Again, if the script has to wait for the server to respond, a malcious site could request a particularly long-running request and force you to stay on the page for longer. You might want to consider using sendBeacon in the unload event instead:
Navigator.sendBeacon() - Web APIs | MDN[^]
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Member 11072126 6-Dec-20 19:26pm    
Thanks @Richard - I will try this and let you know if it works.
Member 11072126 7-Dec-20 8:04am    
@Richard Deeming
Hi, I read through sendBeacon() and what I understood is that this is used to send some data on page unload. In my case, am able to update data in my database using fetch but cannot be able to end the session on browser close. since am using SAML authentication, so the session is being created by them and I cannot be able to end the session on browser close.

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