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I have a requirement to generate PDF from pre-defined template using .NET (web). The thing is client will be uploading new templates now and again. The application should handle the upload without any code changes (very minimal if at all needed) and data should get populated from data tables. I tried using 'iTextSharp' but that requires lot of code level changes which the client doesn't agree with. How can we achieve this? Should the client upload in HTML format (or some other format?) with some placeholders that can be replaced with actual values? Are there any 3rd party tools I can use? I have been breaking my head over this since the past few weeks, so any help would be much appreciated.

What I have tried:

I tried using 'iTextSharp' but that requires lot of code level changes which the client doesn't agree with
Updated 16-Nov-20 5:47am
Gerry Schmitz 12-Nov-20 13:21pm    
You're looking for the "lazy man's" PDF writer? And you want someone else to do that.
DerekT-P 13-Nov-20 7:52am    
I use Pechkin, which is reliable and accurate (takes HTML and creates PDF) but the downside is it's a 32-bit DLL.

1 solution

There many out there that you can try. However, most free and open-source stuff requires a bit of work compared to paid ones.

Here are a few tools that that I used before:

wkhtmltopdf[^] - Free and it works
Iron[^] - Paid and easy to integrate and use
Aspose PPDF[^] - Paid

Other paid tools:
* abcpdf
* pdftron

The bottom line is, if you want less/minimal development efforts to integrate PDF generation, then you should consider buying a commercial one.
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