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Anonymised scores (out of 60) for an examination are stored in a NumPy array. Write:

A function that takes a NumPy array of the raw scores and returns the scores as percentages, sorted from lowest to highest (try using scores.sort(), where scores is a NumPy array holding the scores).

A function that returns the maximum, minimum and mean of the raw scores as a dictionary with the keys 'min', 'max' and 'mean'. Use the NumPy array functions min(), max() and mean() to do the computation, e.g. max = scores.max().

Design your function for the min, max and mean to optionally exclude the highest and lowest scores from the computation of the min, max and mean.

Hint: sort the array of scores and use array slicing to exclude the first and the last entries.

Use the scores

scores = np.array([58.0, 35.0, 24.0, 42, 7.8])
to test your functions.

What I have tried:

def to_percentage_and_sort(scores):
    raise NotImplementedError()

def statistics(scores, exclude=False):
    raise NotImplementedError()
Updated 5-Nov-20 2:12am

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That is the part that you are expected to write. This site does not provide code to order. However, if you have a specific question then please ask it and people will try to help you.
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wendy monyee 5-Nov-20 12:40pm    
I dont know what to do :-( Please help me
Richard MacCutchan 5-Nov-20 12:51pm    
Start by learning Python, or studying your course notes. If you cannot understand either of those then talk to your teacher.

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