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I wonder if the cached page working properly as it was originally. I try to cache a page and be exactly as it was. If you suggest me to try and see, I will, If you have any counsel for me please proceed

What I have tried:

I'm looking for offline software for converting media to base64 so nothing yet
Updated 29-Sep-20 11:23am

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This is just a guess, but ... it sounds like you are trying to use the past state of web site as a backup mechanism for a website, and that really isn't going to work. The wayback machine stores a static copy of the HTML for a site as I explained to your last question: Can the wayback machine cache audio files attached on posts?[^] - it doesn't store every change to every site, it doesn't store dynamic data in the server, it just stores the occasional "snapshot" of a site page and moves on.

If you want backups, the use Dropbox, or Google Drive, or OneDrive, or ... there are loads of places you can do that, some of them free. Wayback machine is not a good solution to anything in particular, other than an impression of what a site looked like back then.
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tool__ 29-Sep-20 18:32pm    
I understand what you mean by backup, but what I try to cache it's really static, no script no interaction, it's just some text and media. all I need it's the media in base64 to work as in the original site, if the video cannot play then just audio will be fine. if there is a site with media in base64 cached somewhere will be great to point it to me because i have nothing in mind...
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Sep-20 20:54pm    
Bad idea.

Your base64 encoded content will add considerable overhead to the size of the original binary content and make your page loads take much longer. A rule of thumb is to add about 30% to the original content size in bytes to get the size of the base64 version.

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