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I am a beginner with Data structures and algorithms , am I would like to know the most used algorithms or some of the foundational ones. Most of the Content on algorithms is based on cracking the interviews , I am not looking for such interview related content and stuff, I am looking forward to learn and apply these algorithms in projects.
Can you please name some of them for me to get started with whihc are widley used ?

What I have tried:

Tried google but didnt found stuff related to my query
Updated 30-Aug-20 22:23pm

There isn't a list of "most frequently used" algorithms: there are too many possibilities.h

Remember, an algorithm is
a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

So almost anything we do as developers uses an algorithm of some sort, sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly. Most of the time we don't even think about "algorithms" per ce, we just get on with the job of implementing the specification in the most appropriate way.

But if you want "basic exercises" to get you thinking about how to do things, then start by implementing the basics: lists, queues, stacks, hash tables; then start manipulating them: searching, adding, deleting, sorting.

Don't focus on algorithms so much, focus on what you can do with them when you create applications.
Implement some of the basic homework tasks: a calculator that supports brackets and operator precedence, music libraries, maybe a calendar program with birthday reminders.

The best way to learn is go on a course / get a good book and do every exercise!
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