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I am a beginner and I am really excited for algorithms but there I believe I do need some prerequisite in some important data structures before i get started with algorithms.

I am really confused which data structures should be known to me , can you please list me some important data structures

What I have tried:

I tried google but didnt find any good answers
Updated 27-Aug-20 22:44pm

Arrays, queues, Lists (linked, double linked, "expandable array list"), stacks, heaps.
Then there are tables (both database and display) which consist of rows of columns, and of course classes which are built of data structures and the code to process them.

Then you can move to databases themselves and handling them, which is a whole 'nother ball of wax : SQL is not for the faint hearted!

Good luck!
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[no name] 29-Aug-20 2:20am    
I know SQL I have read couple books and have a gold badge for SQL on Hackerrank, but what all databases are you talking about ? I have experience only on relational databases and there are tons of other databases , can you name some imp to start with ?
If you follow The Java™ Tutorials[^] you will be gradually introduced to the more important data collection types.
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