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Hello readers. I am learning Windows programming and I created a button in my application using the following function :
CreateWindow("BUTTON", "OK", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, hwnd, 10, 10, 100, 50, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
But this function creates a rectangular button like this.Picture of dialog box in c++
This is a square button. I want to create a button like this.A simple Windows message box
Here in the second image, the buttons are in rounded rectangle shape. This is what I want to create. Please provide a suitable answer to me. Thank you for reading.

What I have tried:

I searched on youtube and google but they showed how to create the buttons mentioned in the above first image.
Updated 14-Aug-20 8:45am
Shao Voon Wong 14-Aug-20 23:58pm    
I believe the default button style depends on the OSes. The first picture is button style on Win8/10 while the 2nd picture is button style on Vista/Win7.

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VD-Flash 14-Aug-20 14:48pm    
Sorry, Sandeep but this does not solve my problem.
Rick York 14-Aug-20 15:33pm    
Why not? If you do not tell us why how you can you expect us to solve it for you?
VD-Flash 14-Aug-20 15:43pm    
I have already mentioned the problem. Above in the question's description, I have given the links of two pictures. The first one shows the buttons that I end up making. The second picture shows the buttons that I want to create but I don't know the appropriate code for it. And by buttons, I mean the yes/no or the ok/cancel buttons in the dialog boxes.
[no name] 14-Aug-20 16:14pm    
Don't blame the one who try to help when _you_ are not able to implement the things suggested on the links!
VD-Flash 14-Aug-20 21:48pm    
I am *certainly* not blaming anyone. And I am really sorry if my words sound disapproving. I will try to make them more polite. As of now can you guys please provide me a suitable solution?

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