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Using SET how can i store multiple Values?

When I'm trying to assign multiple values (which are extracted from a database)like this

DECLARE @Level4 varchar(255)

SET @Level4 = '[A,B]'

i'm not getting a proper result.

Can any one let me know how to store multiple values to a particular column?

What I have tried:

DECLARE @Level4 varchar(255)

SET @Level4 = '[A,B]'

Where statement :

(acnt.[Level 4] = @MyAccountLevel4) OR (@MyAccountLevel4 IS NULL)
Updated 16-Jul-20 21:48pm

1 solution

If i understand you well...

You can declare variable type of table:
DECLARE @tmp TABLE(Column1 As VARCHAR(255))

INSERT INTO @tmp (Column1)
SELECT OtherColumn
FROM YourTable
WHERE YetAnotherColumn = 'SomeValue'

To get values from table variable:
FROM @tmp

For further details, please see: Differences between SQL Server temporary tables and table variables[^]
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