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I used an html code, and the reference to the logo is linked to an image hosting site.

I'm thinking because the image doesn't come from the root directory, trying to redirect the path of the image from that hosting site to my homepage will be difficult since the href="image hosting site url" where that's where I would have to put my website homepage url...

This is my first time coding, so I'm not sure what to do...

What I have tried:

It was originally:

<div class="header">
		<div class="logo">
			<a href=""><img src="" title="source:"</a>

And I changed it to:

<div class="header">
		<div class="logo">
			<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" alt="{{$lang.project_name}}" id="logo-changer"</a>

...after I saw that clicking on it sent me to imgur instead of my homepage.

That probably makes no sense, but like I said, I'm very new to this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Updated 31-May-20 5:52am

1 solution

The href attribute of the a tag is what should hold the address of your homepage. Plus, you didn't close the img tag properly:
<a href="https://path/to/your/homepage"><img src="" title="source:" alt="{{$lang.project_name}}" id="logo-changer" /></a>
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Member 14849113 31-May-20 12:40pm    
It worked! Thank you so much! :)
phil.o 31-May-20 12:58pm    
You're welcome.

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