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i have a C# .Net application which i want to make login screen for the Windows 10 64bit OS Installed Laptop/PC. how can this be achieved?

incase if its not possible to remove the default Windows login then how can i add another custom login screen just after the windows login ?

What I have tried:

the steps i tried Disabling the Win Login and Trying to make my App as login screen but couldn't succeed.
Updated 28-May-20 20:04pm

You can't "replace" the Windows login - even an overlay app would require the user logged in before it was run, as only services can run before a user logs in - and they cannot interact with the user in any way, form or manner.

If you think about it, that makes sense from a security point of view: if you could replace teh login screen, so could malicious apps ...
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Garth J Lancaster 28-May-20 9:50am    
you could up until Vista (and I should know, I did it for two companies) - then the ability to write a custom 'GINA' was removed - so your answer is correct :-)
You cannot replace the logon screen. Doing so would be a MASSIVE security risk.

Also, if you could do it, you would need a disposable machine just to test it. Get ANYTHING wrong and you'll cause the code to crash, rendering the machine completely useless and have to reinstall Windows to get back into it.
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I don't think that's possible, there seems to be a trick however by using an "overlay app" which is described here: c# - How to replace the Logon Application on Windows 10 with a Custom Application - Stack Overflow[^]
The code is not in C# sadly ...

Found something in C# .net - How to create a custom logon Windows screen in C#? - Stack Overflow[^]
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Dave Kreskowiak 28-May-20 10:29am    
Those do not replace the logon screen/system. They are Credential Provider interfaces for implementing custom authentication methods, like using a SmartCard to login.

You can use that stuff for things like using your company ID badge to login.

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