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Can anyone give me an example of how to combine 2 CImageList into another CImageList resulting in a CImageList that contains all of the images?

One CImageList contains system shell icons and another contains images loaded locally from the application. Ultimately, I need to fill a CTreeCtrl with a mixture of images from both lists.

Any help would be appreciated.


What I have tried:

I've tried using the Create function that takes two image lists as parameters but that just overlays the images on each other it doesn't 'add' them together.
Updated 14-Apr-20 11:15am
KarstenK 14-Apr-20 5:55am    
Did you ask Google for it? :-O

Use the CImageList Class | Microsoft Docs[^] Add() method to combine the lists.
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Maciej Los 14-Apr-20 5:40am    
Hi Thanks for the suggestion.

I actually found that article in my quest. Problem is the system image list has 174 or so icons and looping that code to get each image as a bitmap doesn't sound like the best idea - Although I may need to end up doing it that way.

Thank You!
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Thanks for responding but as far as I can tell the Add member doesn't add ImageLists, it adds bitmaps and Icons...

<pre>int Add(
    CBitmap* pbmImage,
    CBitmap* pbmMask);

int Add(
    CBitmap* pbmImage,
    COLORREF crMask);

int Add(HICON hIcon);

It would work if I can extract the bitmap from the CImageList.

Thanks again!
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jeron1 14-Apr-20 16:17pm    

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