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Hi Friends,
I am new to web services, I have a task to send the JSON content to particular URL using post method. relevant JSON and tried code available below, I have faced the exception only. anyone have a better solution for this.

You can provide c# solution also, I will convert in my end. thank you

What I have tried:

Using clnt As WebClient = New WebClient()
            Dim res As VariantType = clnt.UploadString(My.Settings.JsonViewerURL, JsonConvert.SerializeObject(jsonvalue))
        End Using
        Exit Sub

''Json Content
''{"ToolName":"ProcessTool","Version":"3.3","TimeStamp":"2020-04-10 19:16:26","UserName":"User1","BookNumber":"485_1_01","Machine":"CHN-152","StartTime":"19-15-29","EndTime":"19-16-26","Meta":"ProcessMeta.xml","InputFile":[{"FileName":"InfileForTest.docx","Format":".docx","PageCount":"214"}],"OutputFile":[{"FileName":"485_1_FM.docx","Component":"FM","Part":"FM","Title":"","Number":"","Format":".docx","PageCount":"18"},{"FileName":"485_1_CH1.docx","Component":"CHAPTER","Part":"","Title":"Ch1Title","Number":"1","Format":".docx","PageCount":"33"},{"FileName":"485_1_CH2.docx","Component":"CHAPTER","Part":"","Title":"Ch2Title","Number":"2","Format":".docx","PageCount":"15"},{"FileName":"485_1_CH3.docx","Component":"CHAPTER","Part":"","Title":"Ch3 Title","Number":"3","Format":".docx","PageCount":"24"},{"FileName":"485_1_CH4.docx","Component":"CHAPTER","Part":"","Title":"Ch4Title","Number":"4","Format":".docx","PageCount":"42"}]}
Updated 18-Apr-22 12:50pm
MadMyche 11-Apr-20 10:27am    
It would b helpful to now what Exception you are seeing

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For the purpose of simplicity and ease, here is the code from the link: JSON HTTP POST Request In Visual Basic .NET · GitHub[^]


'Install Newtonsoft.json
'PM> Install-Package Newtonsoft.Json -Version 6.0.8

'Sample Usage

'Dim jsonPost As New JsonPost("")
'Dim dictData As New Dictionary(Of String, Object)
'dictData.Add("test_key", "test_value")

Imports Newtonsoft.Json
Imports System.Net
Imports System.Text
Public Class JsonPost

    Private urlToPost As String = ""

    Public Sub New(ByVal urlToPost As String)
        Me.urlToPost = urlToPost
    End Sub

    Public Function postData(ByVal dictData As Dictionary(Of String, Object)) As Boolean
        Dim webClient As New WebClient()
        Dim resByte As Byte()
        Dim resString As String
        Dim reqString() As Byte

            webClient.Headers("content-type") = "application/json"
            reqString = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(dictData, Formatting.Indented))
            resByte = webClient.UploadData(Me.urlToPost, "post", reqString)
            resString = Encoding.Default.GetString(resByte)
            Return True
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
        Return False
    End Function

End Class
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