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I know you have to use
in the RTF, but I have no idea beyond this. For example..

I want the text to be spelled correctly. If I spelled "Hi" like "Hu" then I want it to put the red wavy line under it, and multiple lines of text if need be.

Could anyone help?

What I have tried:



But I have no idea how to accomplish what I want..
Updated 31-Mar-20 15:00pm

1 solution

I think you need to start breaking your problem into smaller, manageable units of work

1) Split the text into words/token, where tokens may be space, punctuation)
2) look at using a RTF 'Builder' to build the RTF Text - eg RichText Builder (StringBuilder for RTF)[^]
3) for each word (possibly ignoring simple words), spell-check the word
4) if the spell-check says the word is bad, add the word with it's underline sequence using the RTFBuilder else add the word, remembering to add the space/punc tokens
5) at the end of the words (that) builder has a ToString(), that can then be used as the source for the RichTextBox

This is an iterative process - (3) for example may break down into a number of sub-steps, but you could create a simple dictionary/list of good words and test with your words first
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The Magical Magikarp 2-Apr-20 0:06am    
I don't quite understand..
Garth J Lancaster 2-Apr-20 1:30am    
hmmm .. you asked a generic question, without posting any code that you had written. I gave you one possible breakdown of how to accomplish your task, you could use a StringBuilder if you knew how to construct RTF - hence why I've suggested something simpler ....

what exactly don't you understand ?
The Magical Magikarp 4-Apr-20 0:19am    
I don't understand the part where I would split the text into words/tokens, and the part where you said

"at the end of the words (that) builder has a ToString(), that can then be used as the source for the RichTextBox"
Garth J Lancaster 4-Apr-20 1:17am    
I think you need to start reading up on functions, classes, methods, in order for you to start being able to break things down and then build functionality piece by piece - it seems you're intent on wasting my time by not applying yourself

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