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I am using textbox for input and am using regular expressions to test the input.

How do I exit from the expression if I click an exit button to exit the win form.

What I have tried:

I have not tried anything yet because I haven't found a solution by asking the question in forums.
Updated 23-Mar-20 8:54am
phil.o 22-Mar-20 18:49pm    
What do you mean by 'exiting a regular expression'?
Dave Kreskowiak 22-Mar-20 18:52pm    
What are you talking about? A RegEx is never "running" beyond the one statement to do a match so there's nothing to exit.

You're going to have to explain this a bit more and show your code to get any kind of an answer on this.

1 solution

I'm guessing somewhat here, but I suspect you're using the Validating[^] event to validate your textbox, and that's preventing you from clicking on your "exit" button unless you've entered a valid value.

If that's the case, you need to set the CausesValidation[^] property on the "exit" button to False. That way, the Validating event will not fire when the button is clicked.
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Maciej Los 23-Mar-20 15:00pm    
Are you magician?
Richard Deeming 23-Mar-20 15:02pm    
I do sometimes sit down really carefully[^].
Maciej Los 23-Mar-20 16:10pm    
bgcwaterman 23-Mar-20 20:23pm    
I am using the Leave event. I see I need to change it to a Validating event..

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