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This is a lazy man , KISS , Linux question.
Is there a simple command to obtain JUST the address?
For example somethingsimilar to

system("hciconfig name ");

I have no issues extracting required data from temporary files, just curious if somebody has a simpler approach.

What I have tried:

I have used hcitool and hciconfig and then extracted JUST the bluetooth device address from the output (file) or any other data from file.

I am currently trying getaddrinfo, but so far no success.
Updated 3-Mar-20 13:52pm

You could use grep[^] to isolate the part of output you are interested in.
hciconfig name | grep "(isolating regular expression)"
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Vaclav_ 2-Mar-20 10:26am    
Perfect solution , beats fiddling with "string".
Using grep still requires C++ code to get JUST the address or name of BT remote device.

The KISS solution is here:

returns both address and name
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