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I have a like below

<span class="class1"><a> Add </a></span>
<span class="class2"><a> Edit</a></span>

I have to find out on which span i have hovered and i want to get the class name

Any help Appreciated

What I have tried:

i have tried with, but i am getting the td only
Updated 28-Feb-20 7:55am

1 solution[^] returns the element which triggered the event. If your mouse is over one of the <a> tags, then that will be the target.

Event.currentTarget[^] returns the element to which the handler was attached. If you attached an event handler to the <td> element, then currentTarget would always return the <td> element, even if your mouse was over a child element.

The target will never return the <span>, since there's no way for the mouse to be over the <span> without also being over an <a>.

Instead, you will need to use the target property to get the <a>, and walk up the DOM tree until you find the <span>.

For example, using jQuery:
$(document).on("mouseover", "td", function(e){
    var className = $("span").prop("class");
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