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I am from Taiwan.

I am currently in my second year of university. 

I have spent a month learning HTML, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery ​​by myself. 

What confuses me at present is what language I should learn next. 

I should learn frameworks such as Vue and React? 

or server languages ​​such as PHP and Node.js. 

How do I choose these languages ​​and how to learn them better? 

My family is not wealthy and I have Some of my friends have already started to take 

cases, which makes me very anxious about my future, 

so I want to come here to understand the development of future website design 

(my English is not good, these things are GOOGLE translation)

What I have tried:

Hope someone can solve my problem, thanks !!!
Updated 25-Feb-20 2:20am

That is not a problem that anyone can solve for you. You need to research the options that are available and decide which one you feel would suit your requirements, and your skills. Use Google to find information on the different available options: ASP.NET, PHP etc.
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First of all, you have plenty of time. Don't feel pressure in needing to get started so quickly.

Secondly, I think the Microsoft path is a solid one and will continue to be good. So, look into C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.Net core and start understanding the server side of things.

I would not start learning JavaScript frameworks before you have more experience.
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