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In my ASP.Net MVC project I am using the TimePicker plugin to render time.

  url: "/payroll/PostPayrollEmpSheet",
  type: "POST",
  data: {
    'ProjectId': $('.counterPayroll').data('projectid'),
    'PayrollEmployeeType': 1,
    'DayNumber': $('.counterPayroll').data('daynumber'),
    'EmployeeName': empName,
    'PreBreakClockIn': preBreakTimeClockIn,
    'PreBreakClockOut': preBreakTimeClockOut,
    'PostBreakClockIn': postBreakTimeClockIn,
    'PostBreakClockOut': postBreakTimeClockOut

In my Action method in backend expects DateTime datatype. How do I parse hh:mm time to DateTime and send via AJAX?

What I have tried:

I tried to do something like this also:

'PreBreakClockIn': new Date('1970-01-01T' + preBreakTimeClockIn + 'Z'),
'PreBreakClockOut': new Date('1970-01-01T' + preBreakTimeClockOut + 'Z')
Updated 24-Feb-20 21:20pm

1 solution

You could use one of DateTime structure's constructors:
DateTime Constructor (System) | Microsoft Docs[^]

Or, since the datetime picker most probably returns you a TimeSpan, you could just add it to specified date at 00:00:00. You can add a TimeSpan value to a DateTime value to get a new DateTime.
// Assuming preBreakTimeClockIn, preBreakTimeClockOut, postBreakTimeClockIn and preBreakTimeClockOut are TimeSpan values
DateTime baseDate = DateTime.Today; // or any other relevant value
DateTime preIn = baseDate + preBreakTimeClockIn;
DateTime preOut = baseDate + preBreakTimeClockOut;
DateTime postIn = baseDate + postBreakTimeClockIn;
DateTime postOut = baseDate + postBreakTimeClockOut;
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istudent 25-Feb-20 8:45am    
When I passed time span value I could not format them to display as e.g. 7:00 am. That's why I had to go with date time data type.
phil.o 25-Feb-20 10:23am    
What do you mean, you could not format? What have you tried, and how was it inacceptable?

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