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Hello there, i have almost completed my code, still have one more small step, check my code please to see what it is

window.onload = function(){

    var all = document.getElementsByTagName("td");
    for (var i=0;i<all.length;i++) {
        all[i].onclick = inputClickHandler;       

function inputClickHandler(e){
    e = e||window.event;
    var tdElm =||e.srcElement;
    if( == 'rgb(255, 0, 0)'){ = '#fff';
    } else { = '#f00';




td:hover, th:hover { cursor:pointer }

table {
  border-collapse: collapse;
table, tr, td {
  border: 1px solid black;
tr, td {
  padding: 7px;
  text-align: center;

table { 
    border-spacing: 3px;
    border-collapse: separate;


<table border width=''500'' height=''500'' cellspacing=''0'' cellpadding=''0'' align=center>

<td >01</td>
<td >02</td>
<td >03 </td>
<td >04</td>
<td >05 </td>
<td >06</td>
<td >07 </td>
<td >08</td>
<td >09 </td>
<td >10</td>

<td >11</td>
<td >12</td>
<td >13 </td>
<td >14</td>
<td >15 </td>
<td >16</td>
<td >17 </td>
<td >18</td>
<td >19 </td>
<td >20</td>

<td >21</td>
<td >22</td>
<td >23 </td>
<td >24</td>
<td >25 </td>
<td >26</td>
<td >27 </td>
<td >28</td>
<td >29 </td>
<td >30</td>

<td >31</td>
<td >32</td>
<td >33 </td>
<td >34</td>
<td >35 </td>
<td >36</td>
<td >37 </td>
<td >38</td>
<td >39 </td>
<td >40</td>

<td >41</td>
<td >42</td>
<td >43 </td>
<td >44</td>
<td >45 </td>
<td >46</td>
<td >47 </td>
<td >48</td>
<td >49 </td>
<td >50</td>

<td >51</td>
<td >52</td>
<td >53 </td>
<td >54</td>
<td >55 </td>
<td >56</td>
<td >57 </td>
<td >58</td>
<td >59 </td>
<td >60</td>

<td >61</td>
<td >62</td>
<td >63 </td>
<td >64</td>
<td >65 </td>
<td >66</td>
<td >67 </td>
<td >68</td>
<td >69 </td>
<td >70</td>

<td >71</td>
<td >72</td>
<td >73 </td>
<td >74</td>
<td >75 </td>
<td >76</td>
<td >77 </td>
<td >78</td>
<td >79 </td>
<td >80</td>

<td >81</td>
<td >82</td>
<td >83 </td>
<td >84</td>
<td >85 </td>
<td >86</td>
<td >87 </td>
<td >88</td>
<td >89 </td>
<td >90</td>


it is nice as you see, but can you help by telling me, how can show the numbers that are clicked in the table under the table somewhere ?! for example, if i click on number 1 so under the table number one will show and if i click on number 2 it will show as will, so number 1 will not disappear, but they should have Space between them or "," or whatever .. thank you wish you the best

What I have tried:

i have tried a lot to do it myself and search here and in many other websites
Updated 21-Feb-20 1:16am

1 solution

Have an array on your page like

var numbers = [];

you can get the contents of the td you have clicked on via


In the code where you select a number, add it to the numbers array


In the code where you clear a value, remove it from the array (google "javascript remove from array")

That gives you an array of all selected numbers, so use "join" to combine them to a string and show that string in a textbox, or anywhere else you want.

To preempt your next question, no I won't write the code for you, this isn't a code to order website where we do your work, but if you piece the above elements together you should have a solution.
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MichaelConsta 21-Feb-20 7:21am    
I see, yes thanks for the help, by the way the quote says like this
("Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime") but it doesn't say show that man that you know how to fish .. thank again

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