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Hello everyone!

I'm actually working on a project and one of the module is about encoding an RFID card. For this need, I intend to use Primacy printer.
The itchy issue is that I'm completely confused on what to do and how to go about this. The project is being coded using ASP.Net MVC5.
Some resources/steps/books/guides on how to go about will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

What I have tried:

I googled the issue, but what I found were books containing some hexadecimal codes, indicating a certain way to go about. But, honestly, I'm not a senior developer yet and I do not understand much of it. I feel I'm not taking it the right way.
Updated 21-Jun-19 9:08am

1 solution

Take a look at the SDK, this even allows using networked printers: Evolis Premium SDK (Software Development Kit) for card printers | Evolis[^]
But my first thought would be that ASP.NET is not the right choice for doing this kind of thing.
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Nice Kloe 22-Jun-19 11:13am    
Thanks for your answer RickZeeland. The SDK is a good idea. I'll search that way. Please, concerning using ASP.Net for this, what else do you propose me?
RickZeeland 22-Jun-19 15:16pm    
I think C# or another language supported by the SDK that allows access to the machine (USB ports etc.) would be a better choice than ASP.NET.
Nice Kloe 23-Jun-19 18:10pm    
Ohhhhh, thanks for this. Just forgot to mention it, but I'm using C# with ASP.Net MVC

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