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Currently i'm starting a new project for a delivering service.

I have this table given:

CustID MealID Week  Weekday
1	   3	  1	Monday
1	   5	  1	Tuesday
1	   6	  1	Wednesday
1	   6	  1	Thursday
1	   3	  1	Friday
1	   5	  1	Saturday
1	   1	  2	Monday
1	   9	  2	Tuesday
1	  11	  2	Wednesday
1	  12	  2	Thursday
1	  12	  2	Friday
1	   1	  2	Saturday
2	   3	  1	Monday
2	   5	  1	Tuesday
2	   6	  1	Wednesday
2	   6	  1	Thursday
2	   3	  1	Friday
2	   5	  1	Saturday

In the first step i need all meals from Week 1. So a where clause works perfectly.
Now i have a second step. I need the count of each meal cumulated.

Let me say Meal 6 x 4, Meal 3 x 4 and so on.

Exists a good way to cumulate this?

What I have tried:

I tried out a count clause, but what i've seen, it doesn't works for that case.
Updated 5-Jun-19 1:49am
Patrice T 5-Jun-19 7:29am    
And you plan to show the query you used ?

You need to look at GROUP BY: SQL GROUP BY Statement[^]
WHERE Week = 1
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Sascha Manns 5-Jun-19 8:34am    
Thanks for all for trying to help. I'll try this solution. Thanks @all.
Instead of using a WHERE clause PARTITION your data OVER Clause (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs[^] and get all the information you need in a single query.

Here is the example from the link
USE AdventureWorks2012;  
SELECT SalesOrderID, ProductID, OrderQty  
    ,SUM(OrderQty) OVER(PARTITION BY SalesOrderID) AS Total  
    ,AVG(OrderQty) OVER(PARTITION BY SalesOrderID) AS "Avg"  
    ,COUNT(OrderQty) OVER(PARTITION BY SalesOrderID) AS "Count"  
    ,MIN(OrderQty) OVER(PARTITION BY SalesOrderID) AS "Min"  
    ,MAX(OrderQty) OVER(PARTITION BY SalesOrderID) AS "Max"  
FROM Sales.SalesOrderDetail   
WHERE SalesOrderID IN(43659,43664);  
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