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hi we've two kinds of clients, web client and an application which works as a client.
now our application simulates web requests by calling index.php as the web client does. we want to change it to calling web services via nusoap. but there's a problem. web services are session-less. for example, a web service is called to authenticate. the second service when called has no sense about the authentication and it's completely a separate call. someone told me that i may put something eg. a hash code in http headers to include the data provided via authentication so that the next web services read the data from header and realize the call has been for what session. this way something like session simulation occurs.
i'm not so familiar with 'http headers'. i don't know how can i do that. in the whole, i like to know what may be the best solution and whether nusoap keeps something internally like sessions so that i may read the in web services?
what's your suggestion?
ZurdoDev 13-Nov-12 11:13am    
If they are .Net web services they can use the Session. Just declare your WebMethod as such: [WebMethod(EnableSession = true)]public string CustomMethod(...
ilostmyid2 13-Nov-12 11:19am    
client is C# and web services are located on Linux Ubuntu.

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Sessions are not available in webservices. but you can authenticate any caller by passing an id to the called method or post id as query string from java script.
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ilostmyid2 14-Nov-12 7:20am    
ur right. this is a good solution to add a parameter to all web services to know who is the caller and simulate sessions this way. but i like to know whether it may be done automatically somehow eg. by filling some attribute in http protocol header, etc.

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