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hi friends,

There are two ports in biztalk

receive and send port

receive port consists of three bindings
they are specify now,specify later and direct

send port consists of four bindings
they are specify now,specify later ,direct and dynamic

any one explain each port bindings with brief explanation?
Updated 26-Oct-12 1:57am

1 solution

specify now
this port binding mainly use at design time of an orchestraion
it referd as early bound
we can made changes in to port after deployment
but when redeployment the corresponding application in visual studio , that time
we conflict with existing port
so specify now ly used for testing scenario in development

specify later
this port is better choice over the specify now
we call this port as late binding
but this not suitable for sending a message from one orchestration to another

we should avoid the hard coding at design time ,instead of that we should create
a config file for that port based on requirements,that config file used for getting output in particular folder or in email address

it has three types
1.using partner path
2.self correlating
4.routing between ports will be defined by filter expression or incoming

i dont know more about direct binding, if anyone know ,please share here

if anything wrong in this solution please let me know
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MT_ 26-Oct-12 7:06am    
Use "Improve Question Widget" in your original question rather than adding another solution. You can update your question with more details and delete this solution.
[no name] 26-Oct-12 7:14am    
is anything wrong in my solution?
MT_ 26-Oct-12 7:15am    
You are asking question and you only are solving !!! And still in your solution you are asking "Please share here" and "If anything wrong let me know" ! That should be part of the question. WHere is the solution And if you knew the solution why the question !
[no name] 26-Oct-12 7:34am    
am beginner in biztalk, i want to enhance my knowledge in this technology,
yes i knew ly little bit about that.but i want to know more about that from expert persons.
and also i want to know am correct or wrong in this particular concept..

any way here after i will do the post in correctly!!!!!!!!!!
[no name] 26-Oct-12 7:35am    
thanks for point out me from the
wrong way........

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