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Hi All,

I have a silverlight page hosted on server, Is it possible to access on android phone and iPhone phone?

If yes what are the required things need to install?
If no how to make it work on phone?

Please suggest!!

Thanks for your feedback


As far as i know, Silverlight is not supported on any platform other than Windows. You may try using some utility to break this limitation (assuming such utilities even exist, which i m not too sure of) but you will end up making your system unstable. So I won't recommend doing it. For using your website on phone, i recommend writing a simplified mobile version in regular ASP.NET. I would do that!
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Stephen Hewison 28-Sep-12 4:39am    
There are runtimes for Mac and Linux but not for iOS or Android.
I.explore.code 28-Sep-12 4:47am    
that's right! But i haven't really had a good experience with Moonlight or may be that was just me being silly! :)
Stephen Hewison 28-Sep-12 4:53am    
Third party interpreters for Silverlight can be a bit ropey. You have to design you're application to the Runtime. It's similar to trying to write code for .Net and Mono.
I.explore.code 28-Sep-12 7:41am    
If given a choice I would totally avoid Silverlight and go for regular ASP.NET or PHP rather than doing a plugin dependent development. :) I cannot even begin to tell how many times I have had to ask my users to clear their browser history to reload any changes made to the Silverlight bit of a web app. users don't want to do that, they are just barely comfortable doing an "F5" on their browsers. I even had to write a little user guide explaining how to clear browser cache for 3 different browsers.
Stephen Hewison 28-Sep-12 8:06am    
I agree, for now HTML appears to be future for UIs.
Quite simply no.

There is definitely no runtime for Silverlight on iOS and I don't think there's one for Android either.

If you're looking for a one size fits all approach to web development the only real option is HTML5 and CSS3.

I've recently produced a web app using HTML5 and CSS3 and it works on Windows, Linux, Mac, WinPhone, iOS and Android.

There's no other technology which is as platform independent and transportable.
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