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I need to create a simple HTML page.

In this page, user can view "PowerPoint" file.

User just have to pass it a pptx file path and it should auto pic and display just as "".

Please guide me how I do this?

Updated 30-Aug-12 19:21pm

Use google.

I've searched for: show powerpoint in html

and the results have been interesting:

This first one goes a little bit further: it works as powerpoint but it is only HTML and XHTML:[^]

This is from the San Diego State university:[^]

Check this one for thoughts on what you want to do:[^]

And you can also check this from Stack Overflow (grrrr) which shows you a way of taking advantage of google docs to make that:[^]

Use Google.

I've searched for that and:[^] shows examples on how to use it.

Of course you've tagged your question as HTML and Powerpoint and this is not including PHP in any way.

PHP is a server side language. You don't need a server to work with HTML as HTML is processed directly from your browser. Then, in order to use PHP you need a PHP server.


Both softwares install the basic server functionality to work with most of the MySQL, PHP, ... web pages you would like to implement.

Typically I end up by using a good text editor (Notepad++, Ultraedit, Scite...) to edit the code and EasyPHP to be able to use PHP. Then there are tons of firefox extensions to check the behavior of the pages.

The following requirements should be met prior to using PHPPowerPoint:
* PHP version 5.2 or higher
* PHP extension php_zip enabled
* PHP extension php_xml enabled
Well, in EasyPHP you can activate them by editing the configuration of PHP. Right click on the E icon int the notification tray and select Configuration ==> PHP. I don't know how to do it with the other ones. Anyway, it will be extremely easy for you to find in google "activate php_zip" + WAMP or EASYPHP or XAMPP.
The PHP library you want to use will work for sure, you will probably have to activate some extensions.
Ensure that those extensions will be available in your production server. It would be an issue if you install them in your windows computer, you make all the programming and then you install everything in your production server and nothing works there. Speak with the guys at your server company.

All in all, install the rpogramming environment you prefer (EasyPHP, XAMPP, WAMP...) and then update it. After that see in their help pages how to activate their extensions and start working with it.

as a side note see:[^][^]

Those are good PHP resources when it's time to learn how to work with it.

Take a look here:!.aspx[^]

See that:!.aspx[^]

And follow the advice: download the codeplex PHPPowerpoint and use the samples that are there. It seems that you should see test samples that will show you how to use it.

Given the fact you are working with PHP, and that with PHP echo('') is used to show things in the web page, it is quite normal...
It seems you are creating a slideshow and showing (via echo calls) the status of this creation to the user.
I'm sorry, as I told you I've never worked with that library. Try to find another sample in order to advance...
I can see that the code you pasted is not the complete code: I can't see the name of the file you are working with, neither the first word is correct (it lacks the $objPHPPowerPoint->) and I can see that it finishes at $currentslide = which that seems to go nowhere...

I would say: read the samples and the information that will be there, paste the entire sample if you need help.

I'm not the right one to give deep level help on that (my post has been only giving you pointers and advice on how I would proceed).

So if I were you I would:

1. read the samples completely.
2. try to understand how they work.
3. run them and see if they are more or less what you are interested in.
4. when you have a specfic question come back to the Q&A section of CP and post a new question. (remember to follow the guidelines).

Good luck.
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Misbah1 29-Aug-12 2:29am    
Do you know how to use PHPPowerPoint library in html code?
Misbah1 29-Aug-12 3:32am    
Can i use this library with dreamviewer ?
Joan M 29-Aug-12 3:53am    
As far as I know Dreamweaver is only a mere editing software that allows you to see in a WYSIWYG way what you are doing. PHP run at the server so I guess it should have not any interaction with that.
Misbah1 29-Aug-12 4:33am    
Do you know on which software I can use this library?
Joan M 29-Aug-12 4:39am    
Updated the answer see references to EasyPHP and XAMPP.
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