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I am writing an ASP.NET application which uses GridViews to display and edit data.

When my GridView is large enough to need a horizontal scroll bar, I want a Div tag with a scroll bar that allows the GridView to be scrolled while everything else still fits on the screen instead of scrolling the whole page.

I can do this with the max-width CSS property, but this only works for one size.

I can set an event in javascript to change the style property of the Div tag but then I need to change it everytime the window size changes, which isn't happening in IE 9. I also hate doing it this way. I want to control it with one CSS property that doesn't have to change.

This is the code I've used so far to do this for my prototype, but I need a better way to do this.

onresize = changewidth();

function changewidth() {
    "max-width: " + (document.body.offsetWidth - 10).toString() + "px;overflow-x:scroll;");


You may want to check out how it was done here: ASP.NET Splitter Bar - Resize panels, table cells, and controls[^].
Check out some of the articles in this search: splitter control[^]
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ARBebopKid 16-May-12 15:24pm    
I don't need a two column control. Just how to get the one's I have to work correctly.
fjdiewornncalwe 16-May-12 16:27pm    
The concept is the same, but you just need to apply it to a single div instead of multiple divs.
ARBebopKid 16-May-12 16:32pm    
It's setting the width property to a pixel value. I want to use the page width whatever it is.
It's not the solution I was looking for but it works better than the window onresize event because it actually fires when it resizes.

<body onresize="changewidth();">

Visual Studio doesn't think this is valid, but IE does.
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ARBebopKid 17-May-12 16:26pm    
I'll still take CSS solutions if anyone has them.

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