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i got a problem with a machine generated excel file. I have no chance to alter any settings for the export and have to live with the files.

The problem: the sheetname is longer than the allowed size of excel. When i try to import the excel data via oledb i get an error 22 exception of the oledbdataprovider.
when i cut the sheetname to 30 chars (like the visible sheetname in excel), oledb does not found the sheet. If i rename the sheetname in excel and save the file, i can run the import with oledb flawlessly.

i cant use excel as i need to write a service that runs on a server and runs imports / calculations with no excel installed on the machine.

Any ideas if its possible to read or import that files from C#? Maybe its possible to manipulate the sheetname? The files are plain old xls files btw. So no xlsx with xml or whatever.

thanks and any help is appreciated..


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Can you open the file using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel and cycle through the sheets to rename any sheets with long names before importing?
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Simon Bang Terkildsen 4-Oct-11 12:29pm    
OP wrote:
Hi, well thats exactly what I do not want to do: interop. The software must run on a servermachine without having office installed. Of course it would be possible to do it that way but it is the "worst case" scenario if i did not find an "officeless" ;-) solution.

The scenario is the following: We have a machine which runs in the laboratory that creates these excel files with statistics. I need to program a solution that runs as service and automatically imports these excel files to our oracle-database without any userinteraction. My idea: file- or directorywatcher and the import- and parse- functions as service on one of our applicationservers without office ;-)
Simon Bang Terkildsen 4-Oct-11 12:35pm    
I understand very well that you do not want to use office interop, has been a source of much headache for me, and the need for excel to be installed is a drawback and it's not possible to do with a "clean" windows service, as you cannot use office interop in a windows service like you cannot use any UI.

However I think it's your only option if you cannot control how the excel files, specifically the naming of the worksheets.
Simon Bang Terkildsen 4-Oct-11 12:35pm    
My 5 for this suggestion
ARBebopKid 4-Oct-11 16:07pm    
I found this non-microsoft tool that might work:

There may be others as well.

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