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Can you make from this function HLSL (High Level Shader Language) shader?

Buffers can be presented as texture.
I have 1 source texture (buffer) and 1 destination texture (buffer).

void stretch_memory_R8G8B8A8(int source_height,int source_width,void *source_memory,int destination_height,int destination_width,void *destination_memory)
    BYTE *destination_memory_BYTE = (BYTE *)destination_memory;
    BYTE *source_memory_BYTE = (BYTE *)source_memory;

    const double local_initial_value_width_0 = double(destination_width)/double(source_width);

    for(int local_height_counter_source=0;local_height_counter_source<source_height;local_height_counter_source++)
        int local_check_value_height = local_height_counter_source*destination_height/source_height+1+destination_height/source_height;
            local_check_value_height = destination_height;
        for(int local_height_counter_destination=local_height_counter_source*destination_height/source_height;
            for(int local_width_counter_source=0;local_width_counter_source<source_width;local_width_counter_source++)
                int local_initial_value_width = local_width_counter_source*local_initial_value_width_0;
                int local_check_value_width = local_initial_value_width+1+local_initial_value_width_0;
                    local_check_value_width = destination_width;
                for(int local_width_counter_destination=local_initial_value_width;
                    *(DWORD*)(&destination_memory_BYTE[(local_width_counter_destination+local_height_counter_destination*destination_width)<<2]) =
Updated 27-Apr-11 23:56pm

1 solution

yes, but with a different approach. A pixel shader from what I have read takes 1 pixel in and provides either none or some pixels out, whereas your function modifies a whole surface at once. The actual pixel shader function would effectively do one iteration of the outer loop; and global variables ( HLSL globals ) would maintain the state of the loop, next draw position and so-forth.
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[no name] 28-Apr-11 9:29am    
Could you write shader code here?
[no name] 28-Apr-11 9:34am    
Here are 4 loops.
First - source height.
Second - destination height.
Third - source width.
Fourth - destination width.
chris4562 28-Apr-11 9:45am    
ahhh, now I understand. what the hoo I'll give it a crack, I'm about to transpose my app from DX9 to DX11 now that I have windows 7, so I need the practice.

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