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I would like to ask a question, but I need to show a picture to explain what I am after.

Is it possible to add an image or attachment to our questions?

What I have tried:

Looking at other questions to see if anyone else has done this, looked in the FAQ.
Updated 4-Mar-19 20:24pm

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No, because we have a number of members who would think it funny to post extremely inappropriate images. And that means every image post would have to be individually moderated before they were posted and we really don't have enough volunteers to do that with nearly fourteen million potential posters - the delay would be unacceptable.

You can post a link to an image - provided it's on a "sensible" site such as dropbox or google rather than one known for "anything goes" - but most people who want to post an image are doing it to either display their existing code or an error message, and both of those are better as copy'n'paste text (with appropriate formatting) so it doesn't have to be retyped for testing.

Why exactly do you want to post an image?
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Grant Mc 5-Mar-19 3:45am    
Thank you, your answer is very well written.

The reason I was to display an image is to show how I want columns to appear in a datagrid or treelist.

I will try and find a way to word my question later on in the week.

Thank you.
OriginalGriff 5-Mar-19 4:16am    
You're welcome!
I find that trying to describe a problem with pictures often helps "settle the problem" in my own mind and helps me solve it for myself...

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