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 I am trying to create a workspace and map a folder to my local drive, I want a single file to be mapped to my drive (I am not able to get single or full folder as well in my local drive)

Info: TFS 2015 .Net Framework 4.6.1 Visual studio 2017

I put 2 copies of code but both are not working. No idea why? Searching for solution since couple of days please help.

Here is my Code

Version 1:

   <pre lang="c#">sFromFullPath = "$/ProjectName/Main/Sub.Folder1/Sub.Folder2/Sub.Folder3/FileToBeDownaded.cs";
            //string sServerFileName = "FileToBeDownaded.cs";
   Workspace workspace = null;
   string localPath = "C:\\ProjectNameLocal\\" + sFromFullPath.Substring(2, (sFromFullPath.LastIndexOf('/') - 1)).Replace('/', '\\');
   if (Directory.Exists(localPath) == false) Directory.CreateDirectory(localPath);
   workspace= versionControlServer.GetWorkspace("TFSWORKSPACE", versionControlServer.AuthenticatedUser.ToString());

   if(workspace==null) workspace = versionControlServer.CreateWorkspace("TFSWORKSPACE");
   workspace.Map(sFromFullPath, localPath);

Version 2:

workspace.CreateMapping(new WorkingFolder(sFromFullPath, localPath));

If posssible want to have a single file only which user has selected, but I am not able to get the file or the whole folder as well in my local drive.

//when I check this varible it is false means my mapping is not happening at all
var newbol = workspace.IsLocalPathMapped(localPath);

Am I missing something?

What I have tried:

1) I tried using local and server folder directly in 2) I tried using workspace.createmapping(new workingFolder(serverpat,localpath))

do i need to include the path without file? Please help me. I am searching for the answer since long. Stackoverflow is also not able to answer.
Updated 25-Oct-22 21:24pm

1 solution

Hello, did you found a solution for you? I have the same challenge...
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Richard Deeming 26-Oct-22 5:11am    
"Me too" is not a solution to anyone's question.

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