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I have a javascript function on my content page to hide all divs and show the one passed in. Every time the script executes it returns a null when trying to get the element via document.getElementById.

<div id="Tab2" runat="server"  /div>

I have tried two different ways to build the id of the div and neither one works.
function openLink(evt, animName) {
     var i;
     var x = document.getElementsByClassName("diy");
     for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) {
        x[i].style.display = "none";
     var divName = "ctl00_MainContent_" + animName;
     var tst = document.getElementById(divName); = "block";
     switch (animName) {
        case "Tab2":
           var el2 = document.getElementById("<%=Tab2.ClientID%>");
  = "block";
        case "Tab3":
           var el3 = document.getElementById("<%=Tab3.ClientID%>");
  = "block";


Any thoughts

What I have tried:


tl00_MainContent_" + animName;
Updated 9-Aug-18 4:12am
RmcbainTheThird 9-Aug-18 10:21am    
I have looked at the rendered code and the id matches what I am building in the javascript. and the Ids I am building in the javascript match the rendered html. most aggravating
F-ES Sitecore 9-Aug-18 10:49am    
Check you're not calling openLink before the tabs are rendered on the page. If you do something like

<script>openlink(e, "Tab2");...

<div id="Tab2" ...

then the javascript runs right away but the div hasn't been loaded into the DOM yet. So make sure your script is always below the elements they are referencing.
RmcbainTheThird 9-Aug-18 11:08am    
The code is executed on a button click so everything is rendered before the method is executed
<asp:Button class="tabdiy tablink tabwidth" CommandArgument="2" OnClientClick="openLink(event, 'Tab2')" ID="btnDIY2" runat="server">
Dennis E White 15-Aug-18 11:13am    
have you tried running the code in something like chrome developer tools?
RmcbainTheThird 15-Aug-18 14:15pm    
Yes I have and the GetelementbyID always returns a null even though I can see the name of the element in the developer tools and it matches what is in the javascript method

1 solution

after the page renders have you looked at its output in the browser?

<%= >
is an encapsulation for server side code that helps in the page rendering. so you should be able to view the output in the browser you are using.

I would check the HTML source in the browser and see what you are getting as the first step.
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