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What is an easy game to code in C++ that uses with STL's hashes, sets, and maps data structures?

What I have tried:

I was thinking War or Blackjack but what's a better idea outside card games?
Updated 29-Oct-19 9:21am
PIEBALDconsult 1-Apr-18 16:23pm    
Master Mind is pretty easy to implement.
You could probably do TicTacToe using those things.
Stefan_Lang 31-Oct-19 4:21am    
This old question claims you have updated it yesterday. But the version history doesn't show anything like that. Have you touched it in any way?

I keep seeing such old questions popping up on the front page due to alleged changes on the question, and I've started wondering why people would want to edit dead posts. Maybe there's a bug in the system?
saide_a 3-Apr-18 5:31am    
if you assume these as a game:
finding eulerian path or Dijkstra algorithm,
Bunny Graduation in this link
I enjoyed them.

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I recall this series of videos on YouTube:
Let's make 16 games in C++/SFML! - YouTube[^]

There is also this series from OneLoneCoder:
Code-It-Yourself! - YouTube[^]
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Stefan_Lang 31-Oct-19 4:16am    
The question was posted last year (and on 1st of april - but that might be a coincidence ;-) )

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