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I am trying to bind a column in a table for mouseover event, if the cursor is over the column cell (not the column header), it will make the extended details (StrTimeDesc) visible. But when I run it, it will only display the 1st column (Work Date column) then the rest is blank.

apply bindings are already done. I just omitted those parts because SO doesn't allow a post with a lot of codes and less details. If i remove the mouseover binding, the table runs fine. That mouseover bindings came from knockoutjs site

What I have tried:

here is my view:
<pre lang="HTML"><table class="table">

            <th>Work Date</th>
            <th>Schedule Description</th>


    <tbody data-bind="foreach: Timesheet_headers">
            <td data-bind="text: workDate"></td>

                <div data-bind="event: { mouseover: enableDetails, mouseout: disableDetails }">
                    <span data-bind="text: StrSchedDesc"></span>
                <div data-bind="visible: detailsEnabled">
                    <span data-bind="text: StrTimeDesc"></span>


here is my knockout:
var Action =

    Timesheet_headers: ko.observableArray([]),
    workDate: ko.Observable(),
    Schedule_description: ko.observable(),
    StrSchedDesc: ko.observable(),
    StrTimeDesc: ko.observable(),

    detailsEnabled: ko.observable(false),
    enableDetails: function() {
    disableDetails: function() {

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