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I'm planning to write a few api's to improve my programming knowledge. But as a starter I'm thinking about authentication. I've been searching for a solution, but I'm wondering if there are better options. What I want to achieve is to have a AuthenticationAPI which handles the authentication. I want to have a kind of a microservice architecture with a few small app's/api's. The authentication (and authorisation) should be handled by the AuthenticationAPI.

What I have tried:

While searching for a solution, I ended up with IdentityServer. Which can generate a token, which can be "shared" across other app's/api's. Each app/api can check with the AuthenticationAPI if the token is still valid.

But I'm wondering if there are better options for such a architecture? Could anyone provide some other options? That would be highly appreciated.
Updated 6-Jan-19 22:57pm
Nathan Minier 29-Sep-17 7:50am    
I live in an MS world, so we just use AD and Kerberos. If you have a backend infrastructure, LDAP is a well-supported and inter-operable mechanism for managing AAA actions that supports SSO.

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IdentityService is the best solution so far I know because it allows you to make service to service authentication and service to consumer authenitcation. I have used it in serveral projects successfully and got a good results.
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