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I have application where i want to download file on link click

My HTML Code
<a href="Docs/Test.pdf" download>Download</a>

This is working fine because the Docs folder in same project, but when i want to give local path like

<a href="C:\Users\xyz\Downloads\Test.pdf" download>Download</a>

this line of code failing to download, how to give local path to download properly?

Please help me

thanks in advance...

What I have tried:

My HTML Code which is working fine

<a href="Docs/Test.pdf" download>Download</a>

My HTML Code which is not downloading file
<a href="C:\Users\xyz\Downloads\Test.pdf" download>Download</a>
Updated 16-Mar-17 23:52pm

Please use "file:///" before giving the path of the directory. Also, use "/" & "\" properly.

Here is the working solution in my system,

<a href="file:///C:\Users\105800\Downloads\Systems - Casinolink - Slot.pdf" download>Download</a>

Please revert back for any issues.
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Ravi Sargam 17-Mar-17 3:04am    
still the same problem not downloading.... failed to download...
Prateek Dalbehera 17-Mar-17 3:06am    
Then there is problem with the path given. BTW which browser you are using, i tested in chrome. Also specify the error message
Ravi Sargam 17-Mar-17 3:09am    
using Chrome and message is failed-Network error
Prateek Dalbehera 17-Mar-17 3:18am    
Please cross verify the path & back/forward slashes, still if you are not able to download then there may some issues with your browser. Some links below which may help
Member 3653749 4-Mar-20 16:44pm    
It does not work for UNC path
Please use "file://///" instead of "file:///", once you get the hyperlink right-click on it ,choose "copy link address" and paste it in new window, the file will automatically gets downloaded
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