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Hello, I'm trying to make a dynamic queue using linked list to create the nodes of it, but I have some problems with the method of insertion, at one point the data that I pass to the function looses and it returns trash.

The main problem is in Nodo* PushQ(Nodo *nodo, int val)

The code

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

// Create new node

struct Nodo{

	int val;
	Nodo *next;


class Queue
		Nodo *nodo, *end, *front; // [front]->[node]->[end]->NULL
Queue() // Constructor

	nodo = end = front = NULL;


Nodo* PushQ(Nodo *nodo, int val) // Insert value
	if(nodo == NULL) // At this point is all right, but next, it looses the data and pass to val trash
		nodo = new Nodo;
		nodo->val = val; // At this point the data is gone, now it shows trash
		front = nodo;       //     front         end 
		front->next = NULL; // [data|*next]->[data|*next]->NULL
		end = front;
		nodo = front->next;
		front = nodo;
		front->next = NULL;
	return nodo;

int PopQ(Nodo *nodo) // Show queue data
	int aux = 0;
	nodo = new Nodo;
	nodo = end;
	while(nodo) // Infinite loop
		cout << nodo->val << endl;
		aux = nodo->val;
	return aux;


int main()
	Queue *Q1 = new Queue;

	Q1->nodo = Q1->PushQ(Q1->nodo, 5);
	Q1->nodo = Q1->PushQ(Q1->nodo, 20);
	Q1->nodo = Q1->PushQ(Q1->nodo, 6);
	Q1->nodo = Q1->PushQ(Q1->nodo, 7);
	Q1->nodo = Q1->PushQ(Q1->nodo, 33);

	return 0;

What I have tried:

Some debugging with Visual Studio 2015, but I don't understand why the trash appears
Updated 30-Jul-16 17:36pm

Try to replace
val = nodo->val; // At this point the data is gone, now it shows trash
nodo->val = val;

it should solve the data gone problem.

This syntax is really weird.
Q1->nodo = Q1->PushQ(Q1->nodo, 5);

Otherwise, push is really buggy, a completed analyze and rewrite is in order. The whole program is confuse.
You should think about what you want: a queue, a linked list or a queue of linked lists.

Some debugging with Visual Studio 2015

You should really learn to use the debugger.
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Bit87 30-Jul-16 23:21pm    
I'm trying to make a queue of linked lists, I know that that syntax is really weird, but it works, maybe not the best way but it works :O, thanks for the advice of nodo->val = val, I didn't know that that little syntax move can affect how the code works.
i think you mean nodo->val=nodo

i assume if(nodo = NULL) is a typo? Must be, otherwise you wouldn't enter that clause in the debugger
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Bit87 30-Jul-16 23:09pm    
Sorry, my mistake, I mean if(nodo == NULL)

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