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hi guys so i got a datagridview that has a dataset that is linked to a xml file,I got to display the data in the datagridview but what i want to do now is take out rows that has certain values,this is my code
'Load Creditors data
               Dim CPADataset As New DataSet
               Dim NLRDataset As DataSet = New DataSet
               Dim CPANode As XmlNode = doc.SelectSingleNode("ROOT/EnqCC_CPA_ACCOUNTS")
               Dim NLRNode As XmlNode = doc.SelectSingleNode("ROOT/EnqCC_NLR_ACCOUNTS")
               Dim NLRXMLRdr As XmlNodeReader = New XmlNodeReader(NLRNode)
               Dim CPAXMLRdr As XmlNodeReader = New XmlNodeReader(CPANode)

               dgvCPA.DataSource = CPADataset
               dgvCPA.DataMember = "ROW"
               Dim chk1, chk2 As New DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn
               With dgvCPA
                   '   .RowHeadersVisible = False
                   .Columns("SUBSCRIBER_CODE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("SUBSCRIBER_NAME").Visible = True
                   .Columns("BRANCH_CODE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("ACCOUNT_NO").Visible = True
                   .Columns("SUB_ACCOUNT_NO").Visible = False
                   .Columns("OWNERSHIP_TYPE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("OWNERSHIP_TYPE_DESC").Visible = False
                   .Columns("REASON").Visible = False
                   .Columns("REASON_DESC").Visible = False
                   .Columns("PAYMENT_TYPE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("PAYMENT_TYPE_DESC").Visible = False
                   .Columns("ACCOUNT_TYPE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("ACCOUNT_TYPE_DESC").Visible = True
                   .Columns("OPEN_DATE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("DEFERRED_PAYMENT_DATE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("LAST_PAYMENT_DATE").Visible = True
                   .Columns("OPEN_BAL").Visible = False
                   .Columns("OPEN_BAL_IND").Visible = False
                   .Columns("CURRENT_BAL").Visible = True
                   .Columns("CURRENT_BAL_IND").Visible = False
                   .Columns("OVERDUE_AMOUNT").Visible = True
                   .Columns("OVERDUE_AMOUNT_IND").Visible = False
                   .Columns("INSTALMENT_AMOUNT").Visible = True
                   .Columns("ARREARS_PERIOD").Visible = True
                   .Columns("REPAYMENT_FREQ").Visible = False
                   .Columns("REPAYMENT_FREQ_DESC").Visible = True
                   .Columns("TERMS").Visible = False
                   .Columns("STATUS_CODE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("STATUS_CODE_DESC").Visible = True
                   .Columns("STATUS_DATE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("THIRD_PARTY_NAME").Visible = False
                   .Columns("THIRD_PARTY_SOLD").Visible = False
                   .Columns("THIRD_PARTY_SOLD_DESC").Visible = False
                   .Columns("JOINT_LOAN_PARTICIPANTS").Visible = False
                   .Columns("PAYMENT_HISTORY").Visible = False
                   .Columns("PAYMENT_HISTORY_STATUS").Visible = False
                   .Columns("MONTH_END_DATE").Visible = False
                   .Columns("DATE_CREATED").Visible = False
                   .Columns("num").Visible = False
               End With

by .
Columns("STATUS_CODE_DESC").Visible = True

theres records in that column that has a value called "Closed".my question is how do i take out that row that has "Closed in it"

What I have tried:

For Each rows As DataGridView In dgvCPA.Rows
If rows("STATUS_CODE_DESC").value.tostring() = "EARLY SETTLEMENT" Then
rows.[ReadOnly] = True
rows.DefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.Red
rows.[ReadOnly] = False
rows.DefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.White
End If
Catch ex As Exception
Throw ex
End Try

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