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How can I make my  own data recovery software in c++ ?
Updated 20-Jan-23 7:18am
Jochen Arndt 8-Dec-15 4:50am    
In addition to Griff's solution:

This can't be answered without defining 'data'. That is just everything that is stored somewhere on computers.

Griff gave you examples of questions that might get answers:
How to undelete files on NTFS file systems?
How to restore deleted rows in MySQL database files?

As you can see there is a specific recovery operation (undelete file, undelete row) with a specific item (file, DB file) of a specific type (file system, file type).

1 solution

To be honest, if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't try - it's very likely that you will make things worse, not better.

Data recovery is a wide topic, and covers such things as restoring from a backup, through restoring deleted files, deleted DB rows, right up to restoring data from corrupted hard drives.

At the "restore from backup" end, it's mostly simple (depending on what software wrote the backup in the first place); at the corrupt hard drive end it gets extremely technical, and it's very, very easy to damage things further unless you really, really know what you are doing.

And we have no idea of your skill levels or experience, so we can't even begin to suggest where you start.

Sit down, work out exactly what you are trying to achieve, and it should be clearer what you need to start researching at least.
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Member 11237086 8-Dec-15 4:11am    
I am initiative . Will you please suggest me a Book on this topic ?
Member 11237086 8-Dec-15 4:23am    
I have Good coding skills but I am not familiar with these things. I want to do practice . I need a threshold to go Deep inside system. You can say system Programming . I saw a few code which written on C-language .
But I need proper guidelines with the exception of code . I can write code but i don't know where should i start . Thank you for comment.
Member 13004798 23-Feb-17 22:41pm    
Hi,Have you finished it?I have some questions to ask if possible。

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