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public class clsListingDetails
        private string _SystemName;
        public string SystemName
            get { return _SystemName; }
            set { _SystemName = value; }

        private string _MaxCharacters;
        public string MaxCharacters
            get { return _MaxCharacters; }
            set { _MaxCharacters = value; }

public class User
public Dictionary<string, ArrayList> colListingDetails { get; set; }

In above colListingScreenReportPrintDetails we storing clsListingDetails properties. But it is set according to user type. For some user it is not set but I can I check whether or not is set..??
Updated 10-Sep-15 1:18am
F-ES Sitecore 10-Sep-15 7:00am    
Check if it's null?
Matt T Heffron 10-Sep-15 13:28pm    
Side notes:
1. ArrayList is pretty much obsolete and has been replaced with the type-safe List<T> (which in your case would be List<clsListingDetails>)
2. Why is MaxCharacters a string? Its name implies that it is an integer. Use numbers AS numbers and only convert to/from string representations for user interaction, and, IF NECESSARY, persistence.
Kailas_ 11-Sep-15 1:34am    
Thanks Matt T Heffron for suggestion..!

1 solution

Check for the null value like below

if ( clsListingDetails.MaxCharacters == null )

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Kailas_ 10-Sep-15 7:38am    
Not exact But I get Idea, I can't do that directly instead I have check like
User.colListingDetails != null and its works as I stores "clsListingDetails" list in Dictionary, anyway thanks..
Abhishek Kumar Goswami 10-Sep-15 7:51am    

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