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I am making a DLL for creating GUIs and this is how I have planned for it to work:
1. Application calls the DLL function to create a form with a button on it
2. DLL creates a form in a new thread(so the application doesn't get stuck)
3. Application has to show a message whenever(not just once!) a button is pressed on the form <-This is the problem.
Now this is bugging me: how can the DLL send message to the application, because just right after the DLL started the new thread(for the form), it returned a value to the application so the application could continue it's work.
Any help would be appreciated.

1 solution

Theres a few ways you could solve this:

1. Send a Windows Message back to the mainform and have the mainform listen for it.
2. Use sockets e.g. UDP to send a message back to the main application.
3. Display the popup message directly from the DLL.
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