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I know that this is a very very basic question for guys in the programming world. But I am completely new to this world. Hoping your guidance.

I am trying to learn web programming by trying to do the below application:

I want to develop a web page which will have 3 Text Boxes and a button, clicking upon which the numbers given in the 3 text boxes will be stored in a database depending on the user login.
And whenever a user log in, he should be able to view the history of the numbers he entered and a line map which shows the variation between the three text boxes.

Once everything is done, What is the process to follow to deploy this online? Like,

Can anyone please guide me on what technology/language to use. I am not asking for a complete solution, but guidance or at-least show me a path to develop the one I am thinking of.

Thanks in Advance.
[no name] 14-Jul-15 11:47am    
You get how to deploy your site from your hosting provider.
PramodDSRB 14-Jul-15 11:57am    
Ok, so the deployment part is a bit clear for me. I need to approach one of the providers like shown here:

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The question is way too vague to take seriously. There are too many Web technologies; you have to get familiar with some of them, to get an idea what you want to use. You did not tell us what are your current skills and knowledge, and, frankly, this is not very interesting. Rather, I would suggest you first need to become minimally qualified for asking question on this topics and make some preliminary decisions on platform, languages and technologies to use. We cannot discuss them all at once in a Quick Answer. So, start from the most fundamental thing and learn about at least some major technologies:[^],[^],[^],[^],[^],[^],[^],[^],[^],[^].

Note that HTML, CSS, JavaScript and general programming is not optional, but server-side programming can be anything.

And deployment detail depends on your Web hosting setting, so you have to as the hosting company customer service. All decent hosting packages provide an FTP account for deployment.

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