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I'm new to Windows Mobile. Developing a Windows phone Universal store application.
When my app starts i'm supposed to pick the Contact name and Phone Number available in the Phone.

Could any one guide me through a correct tutorial.

I did the following got all contact Names in ListView.
var contactStore = await ContactManager.RequestStoreAsync();
var contacts = await contactStore.FindContactsAsync();

foreach (var Item in contacts)

But how do i get the result in following format

Name 1
Phone Number

Name 2
Phone Number


Name n
Phone Number

Request for help.
Updated 16-Jun-15 20:46pm

1 solution


As far as I've seen on MSDN, contactStore.FindContactsAsync() returns you a list of contacts [^].
In the foreach loop you can retrieve the phone numbers by using Item.phones[^] which returns a list of ContactPhones[^] and for the name you can use Item.Name[^] which returns a string.

Anyway, it's very important for you to look at this page to get further information:[^]

Your results are displayed like that in the listbox because there is a hidden call to the method ToString when an object is added to the Listbox if a good DataTemplate is missing, so you get the String representation of a ContactPhone object.

I hope this helps.

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LLLLGGGG 15-Jun-15 8:58am    
PS: always look up things on MSDN when you're stuck: it's a very handy site and it solved whatever error/doubt you can face about a class/property/methoda and so forth.
Hari-CodeBlogger 17-Jun-15 3:15am    
When i use Item.Phones , it prints "Windows.Foundation.Collection.NonNullVector" ., Is this because i use the emulator.?
LLLLGGGG 17-Jun-15 3:19am    
That is because it is a vector. Access to an item of tne vector to see a phone number. Do Item.Phones[0].Number. It should work... You can also use a foreach loop and access all the phone numbers in the collection.
Hari-CodeBlogger 17-Jun-15 3:28am    
Thank You so much..
LLLLGGGG 17-Jun-15 4:19am    
You are welcome.

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