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I am a software architect and a developer with great passion for new engineering solutions and finding and applying design patterns.

I am passionate about learning new ways of building software and sharing my knowledge with others.

I worked with many various languages including C#, Java and C++.

I fell in love with WPF (and later Silverlight) at first sight. After Microsoft killed Silverlight, I was distraught until I found Avalonia - a great multiplatform package for building UI on Windows, Linux, Mac as well as within browsers (using WASM) and for mobile platforms.

I have my Ph.D. from RPI.

here is my linkedin profile
31 Dec 2023 CodeProject MVP 2024
15 Jan 2023 Second Prize: Best Article of December 2022 with Generic Minimal Inversion-of-Control/Dependency Injection Interfaces implemented by the Refactored NP.IoCy and AutofacAdapter Containers
31 Dec 2022 CodeProject MVP 2023
12 Nov 2022 First Prize: Best Article of October 2022 with C# Linq Expressions in Easy Samples
11 Mar 2022 First Prize: Best Article of February 2022 with Prototype Driven Development (PDD)
11 Feb 2022 First Prize: Best Article of January 2022 with Test Driven Development Process with XUnit
31 Dec 2021 CodeProject MVP 2022
10 Dec 2021 First Prize: Best Article of November 2021 with UniDock - A New Multiplatform UI Docking Framework. UniDock Power Features.
9 Oct 2021 First Prize: Best Article of September 2021 with Multiplatform Avalonia .NET Framework Programming Basic Concepts in Easy Samples
10 Sep 2021 First Prize: Best Article of August 2021 with UniDock - New Multiplatform Docking Framework (Introduction)
19 Aug 2021 Second Prize: Best Article of July 2021 with Multiplatform UI Coding with AvaloniaUI in Easy Samples. Part 1 - AvaloniaUI Building Blocks
31 Dec 2018 CodeProject MVP 2019
20 Apr 2018 First Prize: Best "Everything Else" Article of March 2018 with Software Design Principles and Patterns in Pictures
23 Mar 2018 First Prize: Best "Everything Else" Article of February 2018 with Software Project Development and Decision Making
31 Dec 2015 MVP: CodeProject MVP 2016
18 Dec 2015 First Prize: Best C# Article of November 2015 with WPF Lookless Controls
25 Sep 2015 Second Prize: Best C# Article of August 2015 with Generic (Non-WPF) Tree to LINQ and Event Propagation on Trees
23 Jul 2015 First Prize: Best C# Article of June 2015 with Plain C# implementation of WPF Concepts - Part 1 AProps and Introduction to Bindings
25 Jan 2013 Best Web Dev article of December 2012 with Anatomy of HTML5/JavaScript Single Page Application in Samples (basics, navigation, composition, communications with the server)
26 Oct 2012 Best Web Dev article of September 2012 with HTML5, JavaScript, Knockout, JQuery, Guide for Recovering Silverlight/WPF/C# Addicts. Part 1 - JavaScript and DOM.
31 Dec 2011 MVP: CodeProject MVP 2012



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