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Started my compu-world in 1985 programming a Commodore 64. then Commodore 128, Commodore Amiga (Absolutely amazing machine). In 1991 I started working in DOS and 1993 with windows 3.0. After that I have been working on Windows with some little works in Linux.

I have programmed in many languages: C64 Basic, C128 Basic, AmigaBasic, True Basic (Amiga) GW Basic, QuickBasic, C++, Visual FoxPro, VB 6, RealBasic and now C#.

I have a Systems Engineer degree form Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and also have a post-degree in Finite Elements also form UNC.

I worked for the same company for near 30 years, and I made all the specialized software we use here. (Accounting, payroll, ISO 9000 software, Personnel evaluation, maintenance, production...). At this time I am working on a program that will link AutoCAD with our Production software so the drawing people can send information to our database directly while they are drawing.



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