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Nevron was established with one simple goal in mind - to deliver the ultimate data visualization solution and graphical user interface technologies for the .NET platform. We pursue this objective with constant innovations, technology research and unprecedented professionalism. Our genuine code is built from scratch with the idea of speed, stability, extensibility, and avoiding limitations for further development. The company portfolio includes the most advanced Charting, Diagramming and User Interface components that aim to provide your applications with data visualization and presentation capabilities that are not to be matched. These are products of the highest quality, designed by professionals for professionals. <br /><br />To fulfill our mission we are committed to these interminable objectives:
<li>Further increase the capabilities of our solutions. </li>

<li>Continue innovating and raising the data visualization barrier. </li>

<li>Constantly define the front edge of this software technology segment. </li>

<p>For more information visit: <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Nevron Software LLC<br />Visualize Your Success</p>

<p>Phone: 359 (2) 422-4020 / 4021<br />Toll free (USA & Canada): 1 888-201-6088<br />Fax: 359 (2) 958-1971<br /><a href=""></a></p>

<p />


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Sales Nevron Software LLC
United States United States
Founded in 1998, Nevron Software is specialized in the development of premium presentation layer and data visualization components for .NET based technologies.

For over a decade, Nevron has been recognized as a leading vendor of advanced Charting, Diagramming and Data Visualization solutions for Microsoft Technologies.

Nowadays, Nevron is also the driver of one of the biggest innovations in the .NET world - Nevron Open Vision (NOV). NOV changes the .NET ecosystems of Microsoft and Xamarin by providing them with a single presentation layer API.


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