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Having finished college, gaining 3 A-Levels, I am now at University. Successfully I have completed my second year of a 3 year BEng course.

Since starting programming when I was 7, I have worked with many languages and platforms. Most noteably: BBC BASIC on a RISC-OS desktop (my first language), PHP/MySQL for web, and C/C++ and Assembly on Windows and Linux in the last 6 years. I know many more languages and can use any of them on the fly but the list is too extensive for this.

My first version of C/C++ was Microsoft Visual C++ 6, and I was lucky enough to (one year later) have copies of the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions. Since then I have aquired Visual Studio 2005 Pro which I use as my default environment on Windows. I use the GCC toolchain on Linux along with Makefiles that I write myself.

In the last couple of years I have built my own distribution of Linux from scratch, based on Cross-compiled Linux From Scratch. This distribution, designed to be development-stable, is called Time-Bomb Linux.


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