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I started my career in the WPF division of one of the world’s leading 3rd party component providers for the .NET ecosystem (Telerik, now Progress). I spent nearly 5 years there during which I worked on numerous UI components and UX frameworks for WPF and Silverlight. At some point, I started wanting to see the other side of the business, and see how a whole application is created, not just the building blocks I was used to, so I joined a product company which offered the most downloaded office app on Google Play (MobiSystems Office Suite). From the get-go, I started working on a desktop version of the suite and building a team that can extend and support the application suite in the future.

I trained several developers and lead the team for a year and a half. During that time I learned a lot about the business and development processes for a big software project and began to develop a vision for а company of my own.

I started SourceWeave at the beginning of 2016, together with a very good friend and colleague of mine, with the vision of providing the best possible services to help companies with their software development efforts. We believe every single customer should feel they have a dedicated team that can support them on the way to achieving their vision.


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